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Used & Ex Demo Air Compressors

Genelite's Used and ex-demo air compressors units can range from small portable compressors to large stationary systems used in various applications. They are typically powered by electricity or diesel and are used to generate compressed air for a variety of tasks, including powering pneumatic tools, inflating tires, and providing air for air-powered equipment.

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At Genelite, every unit sold comes with a comprehensive written test report, and customers are given the option to observe the testing process if desired, where appropriate. A large majority of Genelite's pre-owned products are from backup power applications, resulting in low operating hours.

Used Air Compressor FAQs

What is a used Air Compressor?

A used air compressor is a previously owned mechanical device that converts power (usually from an electric motor, diesel engine, or gasoline engine) into potential energy stored in compressed air. The compressed air is then used as a power source for various tools and equipment, such as pneumatic wrenches, nail guns, and spray painting equipment. Air compressors can also be used to inflate tires and provide air for other air-powered machinery. They come in various sizes, from small portable units to large stationary systems used in industrial applications..

What is the condition of used air compressor?

The condition of used air compressors can vary, but many can be refurbished to provide reliable and efficient performance.

What are the advantages of Buying a used air compressors/ generator over buying new equipment?

Cost Savings, Proven Reliability, Availability of Spare parts, Lower Maintenance costs, Reduced Environmental impact and Quicker delivery options.

How does a used air compressors compare to a new air compressors in terms of reliability?

Many used air compressors have a proven track record of reliability and can provide reliable performance with proper maintenance. However, it is recommended to have a professional inspect the unit before purchase to ensure it meets the required specifications and standards.

What is the cost of a used air compressor compared to a new air compressor?

Used air compressor are typically priced significantly lower than new air compressor, making it a more affordable option for budget-conscious buyers.

Where can I buy a used air compressor?

Used air compressor can be purchased from our website or you can contact us on 1300 305 912.

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