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Gillon B
Gillon B
04:46 26 Nov 21
We have found their customer service to be excellent, helping us out of couple of urgent issues. Generators are good quality and well priced as well
Wall John
Wall John
03:08 26 Nov 21
The Team at Genelite were so helpful in both advice, tech help and order processing. They kept me advised of the progress all the way and nothing was a problem for them. One of the best customer experiences I've had in a long time !
04:31 24 Nov 21
Purchased a 10 Kva Hyundai, great product and service from the sales person who really knew her stuff run 146 hours now and going strong. highly recommend this company. ????
Hannah Whealey
Hannah Whealey
02:13 24 Nov 21
Kelly was fantastic from the first phone call. My generator was delivered in 4 business days as promised. Excellent service and prompt delivery. Highly recommend.
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8kVA Honda GH7000H Hire Spec


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SKU: GH7000H

GH7000H – 7.0kW/ 8.0kVA – Single Phase

Introducing Honda Open Frame Generators, the ultimate power solution for your home, business, or job site. With unmatched durability and performance, these generators are built to handle even the toughest jobs.
Featuring a robust, open-frame design, Genuine Honda Engine ensuring reliable performance even in extreme conditions. These generators are designed to provide maximum power output, making them perfect for heavy-duty applications.
Delivering consistent and stable power to keep your tools, equipment, and appliances running smoothly. With a variety of power outlets, Honda Open Frame Generators offer versatility and convenience.
These generators offer peace of mind while delivering the power you need.
Whether you’re powering a construction site, running essential appliances during a power outage, or simply need a reliable backup power source, Honda Open Frame Generators have you covered. Trust in the legendary Honda engineering and experience the power of the best-in-class generator.

Specifications Sheets

Includes fluids, load & function tested. Ready to run, just add fuel

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Product Description - 8kVA Honda GH7000H Hire Spec

Honda Powered Heavy Duty Industrial Generators

This range from Genelite proudly features the world-renowned Honda GX series of engines. Features of this engine include:

  • Low oil protection
  • Australia-wide service and parts support
  • Heavy-duty Australian-made anti-vibration mounts
  • Solid heavy-duty powder-coated frames
  • Quality Italian-built high efficiency / low distortion alternators
  • Overload protection
  • 3 year engine warranty

This range has a wide range of custom options to suit your application including:

  • Work site compliance
  • Automatic start
  • Manual or electric start
  • Wheel kits
  • Long range fuel tanks

Product Specifications




Honda GX390

Power Output

8 kVA/ 7 kW

Start System



76 x 50 x 57 cm



Product FAQs

Petrol Generators – Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we’d recommend having a steady load on the generator and don’t connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.

Will old gas hurt a generator?

Yes. If you pour in old fuel, the impurities mixed with it are deposited throughout the generator’s system. These impurities then clog up the generator’s pistons and carburetor, causing the generator to either run inefficiently or stop altogether.

What are the advantages of petrol generators?

Petrol generators are generally less expensive, and available in more models and price ranges than diesel generators, one of the few benefits of their reduced power. They also generally come in smaller and more portable models.

Can you use super unleaded in a generator?

Generators are normally designed to run on lower octane gasoline. If you have the manual, it will tell you somewhere what octane rating it prefers. If you use a higher octane than the generator needs, it will run just fine with absolutely no problems.

What should I consider when buying a petrol generator in Australia?

  1. The Power Output.
  2. The Engine.
  3. Maximum Running Time – Not Fuel Tank Size!
  4. The Sockets.
  5. The Frame.
  6. The Weight.

What does kVA mean in generators?

1,000 volt amps A KVA is simply 1,000 volt amps. A volt is electrical pressure. An amp is electrical current. A term called apparent power (the absolute value of complex power, S) is equal to the product of the volts and amps. On the other hand, a watt (W) is a measurement of real power.

How does a petrol generator work?

  1. Internal combustion engine: The workhorse of the generator. Fuel is injected into this chamber, where a spark is created, converting the fuel into mechanical energy.
  2. Starter: Simply put, the starter starts your generator. Sometimes the starter is powered by a DC battery, and other times, it is a pull cord mechanism.

What is the best kind of portable generator in Australia?

There are several best-selling types of portable generator available to buy:

  • Conventional Generators: Most standard portable generators are petrol-powered. It offers a great balance between affordability and functionality, giving ample backup power for a reasonable price, making it ideal for most homes, events, and outdoor activities.
  • Inverter Generator: A more advanced type of portable generator, inverter generators are still powered by fuel but more efficient engines and throttle control, resulting in higher power capacity, quieter operation, and variable power settings. However, this does increase the cost of the generator.
  • Power Stations: This type of portable generator does not operate using fuel, instead of being powered by a battery that is recharged using mains power, with newer models often using solar panels to generate power. These are the quietest type and produce no emissions, although they tend to cost more, and you always need to make sure they are charged before use.

What are the causes of a petrol generator not starting?

10 Common Reasons Your Generator Won’t Start:

  1. It’s low on oil
  2. It’s out of gas
  3. The choke lever is in the wrong position
  4. The fuel valve is closed or clogged
  5. The carburetor is clogged or air locked
  6. The spark plug needs to be replaced
  7. The low-oil sensor isn’t working properly
  8. The battery is dead.
  9. Electronics are plugged in during start-up
  10. Check the air filter

Why is my generator not running smoothly?

The carburetor might be clogged. A clogged carburetor is most often due to leaving fuel in the generator for a long period of time. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the engine to stall or run roughly. If the carburetor is clogged, try cleaning it with carburetor cleaner.

Can I add gas to a generator while it is running?

Never add fuel while generator is running or hot. Allow generator and engine to cool entirely before adding fuel.