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Gillon B
Gillon B
04:46 26 Nov 21
We have found their customer service to be excellent, helping us out of couple of urgent issues. Generators are good quality and well priced as well
Wall John
Wall John
03:08 26 Nov 21
The Team at Genelite were so helpful in both advice, tech help and order processing. They kept me advised of the progress all the way and nothing was a problem for them. One of the best customer experiences I've had in a long time !
04:31 24 Nov 21
Purchased a 10 Kva Hyundai, great product and service from the sales person who really knew her stuff run 146 hours now and going strong. highly recommend this company. ????
Hannah Whealey
Hannah Whealey
02:13 24 Nov 21
Kelly was fantastic from the first phone call. My generator was delivered in 4 business days as promised. Excellent service and prompt delivery. Highly recommend.
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22kVA Hyundai DHY22KSE


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The Hyundai DHY22KSE is a three phase diesel generator with a maximum output of 22kVA. Designed for domestic or professional use, the DHY22KSE is powered by a 21hp HY490 diesel engine and is equipped an AVR alternator to produce clean energy.

This means that any sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, PCs and laptops, can safely be powered by the DHY22KSE.


Includes fluids, load & function tested. Ready to run, just add fuel

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Product Description - 22kVA Hyundai DHY22KSE

The DHY22KSE can be started manually by using the key, or connected to an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system. An ATS system will automatically detect a loss of power from the mains, turn your DHY22KSE on automatically, and then turn it off again when power returns from the mains.

Housed in a weather-proof silenced canopy, the DHY22KSE produces only 65dB @ 7 metres which makes it a quiet standby generator which won’t interrupt you at home or work.

The DHY22KSE benefits from being an economical diesel generator, capable of running on red diesel which is significantly cheaper than road diesel and is safer to store than petrol.

An MRS 10 Intelilite control panel with its intuitive interface gives the user an unprecedented level of control over numerous variables including the voltage and current, as well as oil pressures and the engine running hours.

Running at 1500rpm, the engine is stressed less than in 3000rpm generators and this helps extend the lifespan of the machine if properly serviced.

Product Specifications




Hyundai HY490 Diesel Engine

Standby Power Output

22 kVA/ 20 kW

Prime Power Output

20 kVA/ 18 kW

Fuel Tank Capacity

77.5 litres


190 x 90 x 110 cm


760 kg

Product FAQs

Diesel Generators Sample – Would this generator be suitable as a backup for an offgrid solar system?

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General – Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we’d recommend having a steady load on the generator and don’t connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.

Which is better generator diesel or petrol?

Diesel generators operate at much lower temperatures than petrol-fuel generators and decrease overall wear and tear associated with running a generator often for a longer period of time at much less rotation per minute.

Why is underloading a diesel generator a problem?

A diesel engine needs to operate under substantial load, to reach its optimum operating temperature. If it fails to reach this temperature, then a percentage of the fuel will be unburnt and a build-up of soot can occur.

Within the engine soot can cause internal glazing of the cylinder bores, sticking of the piston rings, reducing compression and the injectors are likely to have a build-up of carbon causing more unburnt fuel to pass through the combustion chamber into the exhaust.

The first sign of this problem is heavy smoke from the exhaust, eventually, the unburnt fuel will condense in the exhaust and mix with the soot, to create a thick dark liquid that looks like engine oil. This liquid will seep from the exhaust and will appear to be an oil leak. This liquid can build up in the exhaust silencer and there is the risk of it igniting from the increased heat of the exhaust fumes, if the generator is subsequently put under full load.

If a generator continues to be operated with no load or very light load there is a possibility that permanent engine damage can occur.

How to avoid underloading a diesel generator?

When specifying a new generator, ensure that the unit is adequate for the requirement, without being too large. If the machine is future proofed with additional capacity, or the existing installation is over capacity, a load bank testing programme must be implemented. The load bank should be used to create an artificial demand for between 75% and 100% of prime load and this, in most circumstances, will burn off carbon deposits, prolonging the life of the generator. Typically, the generator should be run at 75% of prime power for 2 hours in every 100 hours use.

Is it safe to store generator in garage in Australia?

Never use a generator in an attached garage, even with the door open. Place generators so exhaust fumes can’t enter the home through windows, doors or other openings; the exhaust must be directed away from the building.

What can cause a diesel generator not to start?

Four reasons why your generator fails to start:

  1. Battery Failure. One of the most common reasons a generator will not start is due to a battery failure.
  2. Low Coolant Levels. Without radiator coolant, an engine would soon overheat, leading to mechanical breakdown and engine failure.
  3. Bad fuel mix.
  4. Controls not in auto.

Is it normal for a diesel to smoke on start-up?

It is acceptable for all but the most modern diesels to experience white smoke at start-up. But this should disappear after the engine warms up.

How do you maintain a diesel generator?

Preventive maintenance should include a regular general inspection that includes checking the coolant level, oil level, fuel system, and starting system. The charge-air cooler piping and hoses should be inspected regularly for leaks, holes, cracks, dirt and debris that may be blocking the fins or loose connections.

Is it OK to let generator run out of diesel?

Generators should not be left to run until they are out of fuel. Running out of fuel may cause your generator’s coils to lose their magnetism. This happens because the appliances being powered drain the residual magnetism of the generator when the load is abruptly stopped.

What are the parts of diesel generator?

The main parts of a diesel generator:

  • Diesel Engine.
  • Fuel System.
  • Voltage Regulator.
  • Cooling System & Exhaust System.
  • Lubrication System.
  • Battery Charger.
  • Control Panel.
  • Main Assembly Frame or Skid.

Why do generators run at 1500 RPM?

Because 1500rpm diesel generators have slower running engines, which are less-stressed than the smaller models, they’re suitable for static installation for daily prime power, as well as for standby use. The lifespan of one of these generators can last for 10,000+ hours